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Pledge to Stand with Workers

Our fight can’t end on May 1st. We must stand with workers who face retaliation from their employers - those who lose their jobs or have their hours cut. We must stand with immigrants who face repression by immigration enforcement for daring to stand up against a system that is tearing their families apart. We must stand with families who face targeting from their community for speaking out about this country’s dependence on immigrants.

We pledge to stand with immigrant workers. We will help raise money for the strike fund, bring food and supplies to striking workers on May 1st, join worker walk backs on May 2nd, and boycott employers who retaliate against striking workers.

Sign this pledge if you are ready to stand with workers. We will keep you up to date on ways you can support immigrant workers in your community.

Donate to the Strike Fund

Our May 1st strike fund is designed to provide participants with temporary protection in the event of work dismissal. Administered by the Social Good Fund in partnership with local organizations, it aims to cover basic short-term needs (including food, rent, and utilities) and legal fees for strike participants. Local worker protection teams report on their community’s needs to facilitate withdrawal for the fund and work to provide other resources to supported affected strikers past the 30-day coverage period offered by Cosecha.

Learn more about the fund here.

Click here to make a donation now!

If you want to get your friends and community members to donate to the fund, consider throwing a house party. View the guide here. 

Be a Strike Volunteer

We are always looking for lawyers willing to provide legal support. Additionally, Cosecha needs people to volunteer locally and nationally in the following areas. Training and guidance will be provided!

  • Legal Support - We will need the support of lawyers or those with legal experience (paralegals and law school students).
  • Hotline operator - Cosecha is opening a hotline for workers facing threats and retaliations for participating in A Day Without Immigrants. We need volunteers to answer calls and direct workers to local and national resources.
  • Walk back coordinator - Walk backs on May 2nd demonstrate to employers that workers on strike have the community's support. Walk back coordinators will help local groups match people who are willing to support with people who need to be walked back to work.
  • Fund administration - Starting May 2nd, Cosecha's May Day Strike Fund will be available as a last resort back up plan for workers who face consequences for striking. To access this fund, circle coordinators will partner with local non-profit organizations and churches. Fund administrators will support local organizers with this process.
  • General movement capacity support - Support Cosecha media and communications teams to do media pitches, do text-banking, do video editing, make graphics, post on Facebook, help us fundraise, and help us coordinate logistics support for events and meetings across the country. 

Worker Protection Navigation: National Strategy | Guide for Workers | Guide for Allies | Strike Fund

Information on employee rights and best practices were developed by the National Immigration Law Center in April 2017, for more detailed information please visit this website.