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What is the Emergency Strike Fund?

Striking is a Risk. Whether you work in a factory, field, restaurant, office or home, the reality is that the fear of retaliation from an employer is always present; particularly for our undocumented community participating on May Day. We believe that our community and allies should be at the forefront of the battle to protect workers. Yet, we understand that for the harshest cases additional financial support will be needed.

The Cosecha Emergency Strike Fund was created to support strike participants within the Cosecha Network to cover basic needs (including food, rent, and utilities) and legal fees in the event of work dismissal. Those who access the fund will have exhausted all avenues to be reinstated in their workplace and will have to be part of a Cosecha circle.

The fund is not a permanent solution but rather a temporary protection for those most affected by participating in the strike. Our current goal for the May 1st “Un Día Sin Inmigrantes” is of $100,000 by May 1st.

Who is holding the fund and managing it?

Movimiento Cosecha does not hold the fund. Social Good Fund has teamed up with Cosecha to hold and manage the emergency strike fund on the national level. We want all donations collected to support those most affected by the strike to be held by a separate entity to allow for complete transparency in the way moneys are being used.

How can those affected access the fund?

Local worker protection teams report on their community’s needs to facilitate withdrawal for the fund and work to provide other resources to support affected strikers past the 30-day coverage period offered by Cosecha. The Social Good Fund will work in partnership with local churches or nonprofit organizations supporting local circles to access funds.

Circles will follow the Emergency Strike Fund Protocols for all disbursement of money to strike participants.

How can you donate?

Movimiento Cosecha is a volunteered led network that firmly believes that everything we need is in our community. Time and time again we have seen that with the support and resources from the larger community, our movement can continue to hold those willing to take risk.

Donations to the Strike Fund are tax-deductible and you will receive a email receipt after you donate. All check donations must be made out to “SocialGood” or “Social Good Fund” and “Emergency Strike Fund” must be written in the memo section. All checks should be mailed to the following address: SocialGood, PO Box 5473, Richmond, CA 94805. You will receive a receipt in the mail from SocialGood after the check is received.

If you have any questions about contributing to the fund, please email

Worker Protection Navigation: National Strategy | Guide for Workers | Guide for Allies | Strike Fund