Join the movement! 


Since before the DREAM movement, the movement for immigrant rights has always been a struggle led by the people and the few victories won in the immigrant rights movement have never been a gift. Through the years, We have learned that the only thing that works to make effective change is direct action such as large mobilizations and general strikes. The most important lesson however, has been that united we are strong and that if we fight together - we win.

We call on the diverse groups of immigrant people in the United States to join together for a collective struggle. We have to help each other free ourselves of the chains of fear. Because although there are laws that limit us, it is fear that keeps us quiet and weakens us as a community.

In this era of Donald Trump and his administration - we need to be courageous and be in touch with our spirit of solidarity. We need to break down the barriers and biases that we bring from our native countries which make us different.

At the end of the day, the immigrant does not make his pilgrimage for luxury or pleasure but out of necessity. We do what is necessary for a better life for our family including risking our lives for a better tomorrow.

We will not stop fighting until we have a permanent protection that allows us to live in peace with our families - until the dignity of each human is the same regardless of skin color and until this country shows respect for the sacrifices we have made to be here. We ask this for our parents, our friends and for the 11 million undocumented immigrants who sustain the United States.

Will you join our fight?