DACA Recipients And Allies Respond To Potential DACA Repeal With Mass Civil Disobedience at Trump Tower

In response to President Trump’s forthcoming announcement on the future of DACA, dozens prepare for a sit in at Trump Tower, joined by thousands of supporters. For the DACA recipients participating in this action, the threat of facing ICE retaliation is real- just as it was seven years ago when the first undocumented youth began risking arrest. Allies participating in the action are refusing to leave the jail until all DACA recipients are released.

Who: Undocumented youth, immigrant workers and allies

What: Mass sit in at Trump Tower, Rally & Student Walkouts

When: Action begins at 11:00am, spokespeople will be available for interviews starting at 10am at 59th street and 5th avenue

Where: Crowd will gather at 59th and 5th avenue, New York, NY

“We are angry for all the young undocumented immigrants that haven’t turned 16 yet and are waiting to apply for DACA. We are angry, for all the DACA parents that could lose the job that supported their family. We are angry, for all the plans that DACA recipients had that now seem impossible. But we are also strong; and no politician- not Trump, not Paxton- can take that away from us. Our strength and resilience have never depended on a work permit,” said Thais Marques, a spokesperson for Movimiento Cosecha.

The potential repeal of DACA and TPS means that over a million immigrant workers stand to lose their jobs. It means massive layoffs across the country, at an unprecedented scale. Over the course of the next two years, an average of 1,400 DACA workers will lose their jobs every single day. DACA and TPS recipients with families that depend on them to get by will no longer be able to support their parents and children. “Today’s announcement means we must brace ourselves for what is soon to become an economic crisis in our community,” said Marques.

**Pre-action interviews available upon request**   


Cosecha is a new national movement fighting for permanent protection, dignity and respect for all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States through mass economic noncooperation.