Join the Immigrant Resistance!


The attorney generals of Texas and 9 other states are leading an attack on our community. These states have given Trump until September 5th to repeal DACA or else they'll take it to the courts. Our families have experienced the pain of deportations, detention, and living in the shadows for too long. With this new wave of threats, we can no longer wait.

Almost a decade ago now, the undocumented youth movement made the decision to come out of the shadows. We put our bodies on the line and told the world that we were “Undocumented, Unafraid, and Unapologetic.” We still are. But this time, we won't be advocating to politicians who continue to fail our community on Capitol Hill. Instead, we're are taking the battle to where our community is being hit the hardest: Texas. Between the attack on DACA and SB-4, a new anti-immigrant law, Texas is the center of the battleground for immigrant rights under Trump.

Cosecha is calling on DACA and TPS recipients, the immigrant community and allies to join us for the largest immigrant-led action this country has seen since the DACA campaign.

Pledge to join us in Texas for a disruption that will show this country that we will defend our community against any repeal of DACA or TPS, against SB4, against any anti-immigrant policy that poses a threat to our community. We are defending not only our dreams, but the dreams of ALL undocumented immigrants.