Join our Resistance


We won DACA because we took action. We organized, we marched, we sat in. We came out of the shadows. Direct action has not failed us. Now, with the repeal of DACA, we're being called to take action again. We must show the public that we are ready to fight for the entire immigrant community. We are #SinDACASinMiedo!

Cosecha is calling on DACA youth to mobilize. We won't go back into the shadows—we will support each other, we will march, and we will take action.

The White House has just announced the end of DACA. With this attack on our community, the Trump administration is pushing Congress to use us as bargaining chips to fund the border wall and strengthen his deportation force. This is a grave injustice to the immigrant community.

Trump wants to make us desperate enough to accept bad immigration bills, but we will continue holding the line, regardless of how many times they continue to attack us.

We will not stop fighting until we have won permanent protection, dignity and respect for our parents, our friends, and all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. Will you join our fight?