Take Action now!

Take action in NYC September 5

Cosecha is made up of many circles - small groups of community members - that carry forward Cosecha campaigns and are the force of the movement.  Sign up below to start or join a Cosecha circle. When you sign up to start a circle, we will get in touch and connect you with an action coach to support you to have workshops, meetings, and actions and start organizing! 

Organize an action in your community

Cosecha is calling on DACA and TPS recipients, the immigrant community and allies to join us for the largest immigrant-led action this country has seen since the DACA campaign. Pledge to join us in Texas for a disruption that will show this country that we will defend our community against any repeal of DACA or TPS, against SB4, against any anti-immigrant policy that poses a threat to our community. 

Support the movement

Our national teams coordinate support for the movement. These teams include our media team, our graphic design and video team, our worker protection team, our logistics support team, and our digital team. Sign up to volunteer!

Connect with other organizers

Join the National Facebook Group to post requests, ask questions, and connect to Cosecha participants across the country!

Become a monthly sustainer

Cosecha is a popular movement and relies on the community for support. We don't believe in big money that comes with strings attached, but we know that everything we need to do our work is already within our community now. Our monthly sustainer program enables community members to contribute within their means while still feeding the movement. Join over 200 Cosecheros and become a monthly sustainer!