We're growing our national capacity - join us!


Over the last year, our movement has grown as we’ve resisted an increase in attacks on the undocumented community. From immigrant strikes on February 16 and May 1 to the first DACA-led civil disobediences under Trump, Cosecha leaders have organized immigrants around the country to fight for permanent protection, dignity, and respect. Our community is ready for action--so we’re building the capacity of our movement to provide more support.

We believe everything we need is already within our community. So as we look to create powerful campaigns, train new organizers, coach local teams, and grow our national infrastructure, we’re turning to local Cosecherxs!

This month, we’re launching new projects to involve Cosecha volunteers more deeply in work that will shape and support the entire movement going forward. There are two main ways to get involved in this work:

Cosecha Conversations

To harvest perspectives from our communities, all local teams (active and inactive) are encouraged to participate in our Cosecha Conversations listening campaign. We are looking for feedback about what issues are important to folks on the ground, so we can identify common themes and build new campaigns that resonate. If you have been involved with a local Cosecha group in the past and/or want to organize locally in the future, this is a great opportunity to bring your community together, share stories and ideas, and help guide the next season of Cosecha.

Leadership Summit

We are hosting our first-ever gathering to support and strengthen local leadership this December in Boston. We’ll be bringing local Cosecherxs and our full-time volunteer organizers together to share knowledge and build new leadership teams that will take on work vital to move the movement forward. Leaders who attend the gathering will leave with as part of a committee team of leaders with clear roles to carry forward the strategic vision of Cosecha through campaigns, trainings, coaching, and more. All interested Cosecherxs are invited to apply!