Cosecha New Jersey Marches in Trenton 4/21/18

Cosecha New Jersey Marches in Trenton 4/21/18

The next phase of the campaign - State Walk in favor of Driver's Licenses

The Driving Without Fear campaign was launched in January of this year. During these past 5 months, Cosecha New Jersey's circles have mobilized hundreds of people throughout the state. We have organized 2 state marches, 8 local marches and dozens of community meetings to invite the community to join the campaign. But even now, we are not sure that they will give us driver's licenses before the end of the year.


At the end of June, there will be a legislative recess and yet again the immigrant community still does not have a driver's license. This means that while lawmakers will enjoy their vacations, immigrant families will continue to pay needless and excessive fines for driving without licenses, will continue to be the target of immigration and the police for not having a document that identifies them, this means that parents will have to  mastermind their way when they have to take children to hospitals and schools and for many immigrant workers this means they cannot have a better job to provide for their families. Just as lawmakers have their rest, the immigrant community also wants a break. We want a break from la migra, the police and the abusive employers - having a driver's license would give us that tranquility and opportunity something more. We deserve this! So let's keep fighting!


The time has come to enter the 2nd phase of the campaign. During this phase we will make sure driver's licenses for undocumented people will be the most discussed political issue in the entire state, we will not let this issue be drowned and ignored. We will engage more immigrant communities throughout the state. We're are launching an 11-day walk across the state! Our state, Our home!



Map for our 11 day walk


Items we still need for our walk