UndocuYouth Gathering

On October 6-8 in New York City, undocumented youth leaders will come together for the first undocu-youth summit since the repeal of DACA. 

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Five years ago, we won DACA by taking direct action: by marching, organizing, and coming out of the shadows. Since then, DACA has provided temporary protection for hundreds of thousands of undocumented youth. It was a major victory for the immigrant rights movement—a victory that has now been taken from us. We refuse to go back in the shadows. Join us in NYC on October 6-8th as undocumented youth gather from all across the country to build trust, community and power. Together, we'll map out how to fight these attacks on us, our parents, and our community.


Why we're coming together

Trump's repeal of DACA has caused a crisis for undocumented youth, but we know that this fight isn't just for us. This is a fight to win permanent protection, dignity, and respect for all 11 million undocumented immigrants. The White House wants to use undocumented youth as "bargaining chips" to fund the wall and pass stricter border enforcement measures that will harm our parents and our communities. We believe we must come together at this critical moment to figure out how we can fight for ourselves and all undocumented immigrants. We also look forward to the opportunity to build new relationships throughout the undocu-community so we can support each other throughout the fight ahead.

All undocu-youth are welcome

This is a space for undocumented immigrants and DACA folks only--we believe that undocumented people should lead the strategic direction of the movement. Now more than ever, this is a much needed space to heal and organize together. Our fight is bigger than DACA and undocumented youth without DACA are especially encouraged to attend. Formally undocumented folks are invited to register as well. If you are an ally that is interested in this event, we welcome you to volunteer or donate to support the work of directly affected immigrant leaders. Thank you!

Frequently asked questions

Is there any cost to attend?

No! To be as accessible as possible for our undocumented community, this three-day event will be completely free of charge. Food will be provided for the whole weekend and out-of-town participants will be offered free lodging in New York City. We rely on monthly sustainers and donors within our community to make this possible!

Is transportation provided? 

For folks traveling for this event, we encourage carpooling and local fundraising to help offset the costs of transportation. To enable everyone to be able to attend regardless of financial situation, we will also offer as-needed travel scholarships. Please register regardless of your financial need and one of our organizers will reach out to you to discuss support we can offer you.

What accommodations will there be?

In addition to food, housing, and need-based transportation support, we will offer childcare during our gathering. We seek to be as inclusive and accessible to our community as possible, so if you have additional needs to be able to participate in this event, please let us know!

More questions? Contact Jose Luis Santiago at jose.santiago2014@gmail.com