Action Guide


On July 26th, 15 DACAmented youth and allies carried out the largest immigrant-led direct action of the Trump era to show that we are #OutragedAndUnafraid. Now, we are calling on undocumented immigrants and allies across the country to take action with us.

As DACA is being threatened, we have to remember that we only won DACA because we took action. We organized. We marched. We sat in. We came out of the shadows by taking unprecedented actions. This has been the only strategy that has not failed us. With so many attacks happening on our community, it's not the time for negotiations in D.C. We’re putting our faith in our people. Will you take action at this critical moment for the movement?

Step 1 - If you are ready to organize an action in your community, fill out this form to let us know!

Step 2 - View our action guides below for support. 


Organize a creative, disruptive action

Plan a high risk, high sacrifice direct action