Cosecha is launching its first ever summer organizing program - the Summer of Seeding - to build the leadership and organizing skills of new and existing Cosecha leaders through extensive training, hands on experience, and a community of support. 

The current administration has made it clear that they don’t see us - undocumented immigrants - as human beings worthy of respect. They’ve called us all types of dehumanizing names, from illegals to drug dealers. We've seen an increase in inhumane and discriminatory enforcement of our communities, tearing our families apart. We've seen Border Patrol enter buses and harass people asking them for their papers. We've seen ICE raids in workplaces all across the country, from 7-11 stores to restaurants to factories. And we’ve had enough. We deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. It is more important than ever that we get organized to fight back against all of the attacks against our community. 

Movimiento Cosecha has been leading the way in fighting anti-immigrant laws and fighting for what our community really needs - permanent protection, dignity and respect! Since our launch, we have been saying #Somos11Millones - we are 11 million - and we will not stop until we win permanent protection for all of us. Right now we are focused on base building; we have more than 30 full-time volunteer organizers supporting Cosecha Circles and leaders in more than 7 states with actions, campaigns, and community building. The Cosecha Network is growing and now we are taking it to the next level - a summer organizing program to develop our leadership! We know that if we can build a network of strong Cosecha leaders ready to take action, we can eventually force this country to recognize how much it depends on immigrants.

This is not your typical summer organizing training. Participants will be at the front of building a powerful movement for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for all immigrants in the United States. Through their work, participants will grow their leadership and organizing skills by diving into a growing movement. Participants will have the opportunity to be trained in strategy and skills, build community with leaders across the country, and then go back into their communities to build teams and organize over the summer, with support from coaches, trainers, fellow participants, and the entire network of Cosecher@s.

This is an important step in the movement's growth and we hope you can be part of it. Now is the time to get involved. Are you ready to be a part of this movement?

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June 29 - July 1
Boston, Massachusetts

Training and Orientation

Before getting started on Cosecha work in their communities, participants will attend a multi-day training, designed to give them the foundation they will need to become strong leaders, and community organizers. Through this training we will build a collective understanding of the historical moment we are in, how Cosecha grows out of that moment, and why we believe in our strategy. We will also build community and trust with one another and learn how we will support each other through the summer. This will be your organizing family for this summer.


July 2 - Aug 31
Your home community


After the training program, participants will go back to their communities and work on reactivating or starting a Cosecha Circle. This work will be done with the extensive support of a coaching team and 20 peers from across the country who will be doing the same work in the same timeline. During this time, participants will build their teams, organize community events, and actions. We'll start with team building, plan our first actions together, absorb newly activated people into our team through community events, and get people trained on the Cosecha DNA. Our network of Circles will also prepare and take collective action in response to national threats toward our undocumented community. 

Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo, MI

Lawrence, MA

Lawrence, MA

Trenton, NJ

Trenton, NJ

Sept 1 - 3
Either Grand Rapids, Michigan or New Jersey

National Assembly

Finally, the whole program will conclude with a National Assembly, a gathering of Cosecher@s across the country! All Seeders will be invited to the national assembly along with the circles they would have been working with. Together, we will launch state and national campaigns to continue to build our movement!



Who can apply? The program is open to Cosecher@s from Cosecha circles (local groups) who want to reactivate their team, as well as those who want to learn about Cosecha and start a Cosecha Circle (local group) in their communities. As a movement led by those mostly affected and directly impacted by the current immigration policies, we are encouraging applications from people who are either undocumented, immigrants, or children of immigrants. We are recruiting 20 applicants of all ages. All participants will receive a monthly stipend of $200, which is the same stipend that all 30 of our full-time volunteer organizers receive. No prior organizing experience is required - the only requirement is willingness to bring Cosecha back to your community and organize for permanent protection, dignity and respect.

Are you ready to unleash the economic power of the immigrant community?

Apply to the Cosecha Summer Organizing Program by June 6th!


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until June 6th. If you have additional questions about the Summer of Seeding, please contract Maria Fernanda at