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Day 1 5/31/18 Thursday
New Brunswick: Launch!


Day 2 6/1/18 Friday
Perth Amboy
Rally and community meeting *click to join*

Day 3 6/2/18 Saturday
Rahway & Elizabeth
Rally for the walkers- Rahway! *click to join*
Rally for the walkers - Elizabeth! *click to join*

Day 4 6/3/18 Sunday

Day 5 6/4/18 Monday

Day 6 6/5/18 Tuesday
Passaic & Paterson

Day 7 6/6/18 Wednesday

Day 8 6/7/18 Thursday
Red Bank

Day 9 6/8/18 Friday

Day 10 6/9/18 Saturday
Bridgeton to Vineland

Day 11 6/10/18 Sunday

Day 12 6/11/18 Monday

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History of Driver's Licenses for undocumented people in NJ  :

For a long time, New Jersey's pro-imimgrant community has worked to win driver's licenses for the undocumented community through negotiations and using relationships with politicians. Although we agree that internal relations with politicians are important, during the 2015 campaign we learned that this is not enough. We learned that we can only win if the community takes to the streets in massive numbers. This is the objective and role that Harvest New Jersey has taken. We need other organizations to negotiate with politicians, However our role is to focus on our community and egage them. In January we started mass trainings in Trenton. Since then, we have created circles in more than 10 cities around the state that have executed local marches, trainings and community meetings. Our movement is exclusively led by volunteers and our circles are coordinated by a team of immigrant workers.

Movimiento Cosecha is born out of the frustration that comes from so many years of false promises. In New Jersey for more than 15 years, the undocumented community has been promised licenses. When the Republicans have the power, they blame the Democrats. And when the Democrats have the power, they blame the Republicans. But in those 15 years, the two parties have been given the opportunity, and they have not given us anything. They think we are fools, but we are not fools. We know that we have the power. We know that WE MAKE THE CHANGE. And that’s why we’re going to win driver’s licenses. Yes WE can!
— Li Adorno
Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 5.33.21 PM.png

Our license campaign takes us one step closer to the respect, dignity and permanent protection that we need in New Jersey. It's time to move on to our second campaign phase.