On July 26th, 15 undocumented immigrants and allies took direct action and were arrested in Austin, Texas to pledge their commitment to winning permanent protection, dignity and respect for all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. Read their stories below.

Detailed profiles and video interviews for media upon request:

Why are we #OutragedAndUnafraid?

A decade ago now, the undocumented youth movement made the decision to come out of the shadows and put our bodies on the line. Today, with new threats against DACA and TPS, we must do so again. Together with allies and the rest of the immigrant community, we will be heard.

With DACA under threat, we know that some will put their hope in DC politicians. But we also know that we won DACA not because of any politician, but because our community took fearless action. This moment calls for us to be brave again; to create a moral crisis that will change the narrative on immigration in this country.
— Maria Fernanda Cabello, Cosecha organizer