What's going on? Threats to DACA and TPS


The attorney generals of Texas and 9 other states are leading an attack on our community. These states have given Trump until September 5th to repeal DACA or else they'll take it to the courts. DHS Secretary Kelly says the program most likely won't survive the legal challenge, and that temporary protected status (TPS) for Central American immigrants may not renewed as well. 

For many of us who are DACA and TPS recipients, it's an understatement to say that we have been on edge. We knew these programs did not offer permanent protection, and our families have been experiencing the pain of deportations, detention, and living in the shadows.

We don't know what Trump or Congress will do next, but with this new wave of threats, we can no longer wait. We need to take direct action now.


Our Call to Action: #ImmigrantResistance in Texas


Almost a decade ago now, we made a decision that we would come out of the shadows. We marched, we walked out, we held coming out actions, and we put our bodies on the line. We told the public that we were “Undocumented, Unafraid, and Unapologetic.” We said we were no longer afraid...we were outraged!

We will not continue to advocate to politicians who continue to fail our community on capitol hill, we are taking the battle to where our community is being hit the hardest.

If you are outraged, if you want to do something, if you want to show this country that we will no longer allow people to treat us as less than human, then take action with us.

Cosecha is calling on DACA and TPS recipients, the immigrant community and allies to join us for the largest immigrant-led action this country has seen since the DACA campaign. Once again, we are defending not only our dreams, but the dreams of ALL of our undocumented community.

The dreams of our mothers, father, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers. The fight has always been bigger than DACA- we have always know that DACA is temporary, that our loved ones, that our community deserves better than this. This is why we’re fighting for PERMANENT protection, dignity, and respect. It is time to take action. Pledge to join us in a disruption that will show this country that we are not afraid- that we will defend our community against any repeal of DACA or TPS, against SB4, against any anti-immigrant policy that poses a threat to our community.

Will you take action with us in Texas? Will you join us in the biggest immigrant-led disruptive action this country has seen under Trump?


How to Get Involved

If you've already signed our pledge or unable to join us in Texas, here are other things you can do to join our fight!

DACA Outreach

We're mobilizing our immigrant and ally communities to come to Texas and resist with us! Tell your friends, family, and anyone with DACA or TPS ready to join the fight to visit outragedandunafraid.com. 

Local organizers will be coordinating caravans to drive down to Texas for this day of resistance. If you're interested in setting up a caravan from your state, click here!

Support Our Action

Our resistance needs the support of the entire community. In Texas, we'll need housing, food, transportation, and childcare for action participants. Remotely, we need volunteers to help with phone banking, social media, and other tasks. Sign up here!


To join us in Texas, our organizers will be carpooling, fundraising, sharing resources, bringing sleeping bags, and relying on the local community! But we also need some help to sponsor the largest immigrant-led action under Trump. Can you donate $5?

Spread the Word

We are #OutragedAndUnafraid! Follow Movimiento Cosecha on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and help us spread the word.

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