The election of Trump has led to heightened fear in our communities, but we are determined to build the resistance that will dramatically shift the public opinion around immigration in this country and win permanent protection, dignity, and respect for the entire immigrant community.

We are exposing the repression that our community faces and establishing spaces of protection and resistance to defend ourselves and our communities. We are organizing spaces of sanctuary and building community teams that can respond quickly to the raids, detentions, and deportation crises. 

But we can not win permanent protection for the 11 million undocumented immigrants without dramatically changing the political weather and discourse around immigration in this country. This will not happen with solely a defensive strategy. We need to continuously push the narrative of permanent protection and dignity for all immigrants into the media and the public's eye. This is what the #TodosNosotros campaign is about. The Democrats have until January 20th to carry through on promises they have made to the immigrant community. Some Representatives are asking Obama to pardon immigrant youth. But we are pushing them to take on bolder leadership and protect #TodosNosotros - to protect all of us. We demand that the Democrats pardon the 11 million undocumented people in this country and make their offices and homes sanctuaries for the most vulnerable amongst us.

Cosecha believes that if the American public is honest that this country relies on immigrant labor and immigrant consumption, it will completely shift the discourse around immigration in this country. To that end, we are also building toward a massive #MigrantBoycott to begin to show the public how much the economy of this country depends on immigrants. We are going to carry out boycotts that show our power as consumers and purchasers. Imagine 100,000 committed people closing down shopping centers across the country on the same weekend. This will show how much effect we can have with the power of our purchases and grow our movement so that we can organize a general strike.