Today we took the streets in the largest one day strike in a decade. From California, to Minnesota, to Massachusetts, to Florida hundreds of thousands of people didn’t go to work, didn’t buy and took the streets to demand that this country recognize that it depends on immigrant labor and consumption.

But today is not the end of the fight, it’s just the beginning. There are three immediate next steps for all of us

1) Protect the workers that went on strike
2) Grow the movement by attending a training near you
3) Launch into the summer of boycotts.

Workers across the country led the fight with their bravery today. But we also buy every week for our children and our families, so now, it’s time to show the power of immigrant consumption. We will show that without us participating in this economy, the country cannot sustain itself.

Today we saw a glimpse of what this country can look like with empty stores in places like __________, so we are launching a #MigrantBoycott against Walmart. The immigrant community has given Walmart our commerce, and they turn around to use that money to pay for more detention centers that dehumanize our community. We will boycott Walmart for seven days to show them that they depend on immigrants.

Because we follow the wisdom of our community, we will only launch into this boycott if _______,000 people sign the pledge.

Join the largest immigrant led boycott in the fight for permanent protection, dignity and respect.